Research Activities

Micro/nanotechnologies for Chemical Microsystems

· Development of gas microsensors based on nanostructured membranes made of macroporous silicon and/or alumina
· Fabrication and characterisation of gas sensors based on metal oxide monolayers
· Design and fabrication of microreactors based on porous membranes
· Design and fabrication of gas microconcentrators for multisensor systems
· Fabrication of nanotub based gas sensors

Research in advanced signal processing techniques for multisensor systems 

· Advanced signal processing algorithm development for 3D data (including the time dimension) including multisensor systems and GC-MS instruments
· Development of stochastic variable selection algorithms
· Development of signal processing techniques for thermally cycled sensor systems
· Bioinformatics algorithm development for proteomic and metabolomic applications

Development of applications with multisensor sytems and electronic nose instruments

· Design and fabrication of multisensor systems for a selective selection of toxic or explosive vapours
· Optimisation of electronic nose applications using GC-MS systems for food and biomedicine applications