Publications 2012

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Authors (signature): H. Lahlou, J.-B. Sanchez, Y. Mohsen, X. Vilanova, F. Berger, E. Llobet, X. Correig, V. Fierro, A. Celzard, I. Gràcia, C. Cane
Title: A planar micro-concentrator/injector for low power consumption microchromatographic analysis of benzene and 1,3 butadiene
Journal: Microsyst Technol
Volume: 2012 Number: 18 Pages, Initial: 489 final: 495 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ISSN:

Authors (signature): Calavia, R., Annanouch, F., Correig, X., Yanes, O.
Title: Nanostructure Initiator Mass Spectrometry for tissue imaging in metabolomics: Future prospects and perspectives
Journal: Journal of proteomics
Volume: 75 Number: — Pages, Initial: 5061 final: 5068 Year: 2012 Place of publication: N/A ISSN: 1874-3919

Authors (signature): D. Shaposhnik, R. Pavelko, E. Llobet, F. Gispert-Guirado, X. Vilanova
Title: Hydrogen sensors on the basis of SnO2–TiO2 systems
Journal: Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical
Volume: 174 Number: — Pages, Initial: 527 final: 534 Year: 2012 Place of publication: SWITZERLAND ISSN: 0925-4005

Authors (signature): H. Baccar, M. B. Mejri, A. Tlili, M. Aouni, E. Llobet, A. Abdelghani
Title: Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Deposited on Gold Electrode for Bacteria Detection
Journal: Journal of Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials
Volume: 1 Number: 1 Pages, Initial: 1 final: 4 Year: 2012 Place of publication: N/A ISSN: 2164-7542

Authors (signature): Serrano-Santos, M.B.; Llobet, E.; Özalp, V.C.; Schäfer, T.
Title: Characterization of structural changes in aptamer films for controlled release nanodevices
Journal: Chemical Communications
Volume: 48 Number: 81 Pages, Initial: 10087 final: 10089 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ENGLAND ISSN: 1359-7345

Authors (signature): R.G. Pavelko, A.A. Vasiliev, E. Llobet, V.G. Sevastyanov, N.T. Kuznetsov
Title: Selectivity problem of SnO2 based materials in the presence of water vapors
Journal: Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical
Volume: 170 Number: — Pages, Initial: 51 final: 59 Year: 2012 Place of publication: SWITZERLAND ISSN: 0925-4005

Authors (signature): Vergara, A.; Calavia, R.; Vázquez, RM.; Mozalev, A.; Adnane Abdelghani, A. Huerta, R.; Hines, E.; Llobet, E.
Title: Multifrequency Interrogation of Nanostructured Gas Sensor Arrays: A Tool for Analyzing Response Kinetics
Journal: Analytical Chemistry
Volume: 84 Number: 17 Pages, Initial: 7502 final: 7510 Year: 2012 Place of publication: UNITED STATES ISSN: 0003-2700

Authors (signature): Hemberg, A.; Konstantinidis, S.; Viville, P.; Renaux, F.; Dauchot, J.P.; Llobet, E.; Snyders, R.
Title: Effect of the thickness of reactively sputtered WO 3 submicron thin films used for NO 2 detection
Journal: Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical
Volume: 171-172 Number: — Pages, Initial: 18 final: 24 Year: 2012 Place of publication: SWITZERLAND ISSN: 0925-4005

Authors (signature): Navío,C.; Vallejos, S.; Stoycheva, T.; Llobet,E.; Correig, X.; Snyders, R.; Blackman, C.; Umek, P.; Ke, X.; Van Tendeloo, G.; Bittencourt, C.
Title: Gold clusters on WO3 nanoneedles grown via AACVD: XPS and TEM studies
Journal: Materials Chemistry and Physics
Volume: 134 Number: 2-3 Pages, Initial: 809 final: 813 Year: 2012 Place of publication: SWITZERLAND ISSN: 0254-0584

Authors (signature): Lahlou, H.; Sanchez, J.-B.; Mohsen, Y.; Vilanova, X.; Berger, F.; Llobet,E.; Correig, X.; Fierro, V; Celzard, A.; Gracia, I; Cane, C.
Title: A planar micro-concentrator/injector for low power consumption microchromatographic analysis of benzene and 1,3 butadiene
Journal: Microsystem Technologies-Micro-And Nanosystems-Information Storage And Processing Systems Volume 18,
Volume: 18 Number: 4 Pages, Initial: 489 final: 495 Year: 2012 Place of publication: GERMANY ISSN: 0946-7076

Authors (signature): Vergara, A.; Eduard Llobet, E.
Title: Feature selection versus feature compression in the building of calibration models from FTIR-spectrophotometry datasets
Journal: Talanta
Volume: 88 Number: — Pages, Initial: 95 final: 103 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ENGLAND ISSN: 0039-9140

Authors (signature): Alexander Vergara, Eduard Llobet
Title: Sensor selection and chemo-sensory optimization: toward an adaptable chemo-sensory system
Journal: Frontiers in Neuroengineering Paper #19
Volume: 4 Number: — Pages, Initial: 1 final: 19 Year: 2012 Place of publication: SWITZERLAND ISSN: 1662-6443

Authors (signature): U. Tisch, Y. Aluf, R. Ionescu, M. Nakhleh, R. Bassal, N. Axelrod, D. Robertman, J.P. M. Finberg and H. Haick
Title: Detection of Asymptomatic Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Lesion in Rats by Exhaled Air Analysis Using Carbon Nanotube Sensors
Journal: ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Volume: 3 Number: Pages, Initial: 161 final: 166 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ISSN:

Authors (signature): N. Bachar, L. Mintz, Y. Zilberman, R. Ionescu, X. Feng, K. Müllen and H. Haick
Title: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon for the Detection of Nonpolar Analytes under Counteracting Humidity Conditions
Journal: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Volume: 4 Number: 9 Pages, Initial: 4960 final: 4965 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ISSN:

Authors (signature): N. Peled, R. Ionescu, P. Nol, O. Barash, M. McCollum, K. VerCauteren, M. Koslow, R. Stahl, J. Rhyan and H. Haick
Title: Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cattle Naturally Infected with Mycobacterium bovis
Journal: Sens. Actuators B
Volume: 171-172 Number: Pages, Initial: 588 final: 594 Year: 2012 Place of publication: ISSN: